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Why I started Smart Eating for Kids

As a mom, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to feed kids well and to have happy family mealtimes. But as a child nutrition expert, I also know there is a better way.

Giving our children the gift of good health is a top priority to me – and I’m guessing it’s hugely important to you, too.

I started Smart Eating for Kids because I want it to be easier for parents to feed their kids healthfully within the reality of everyday living. I also want kids to be empowered to independently make healthy eating choices (with the guidance of their parents, of course).

I’m passionate about helping families find simple, doable strategies that will put happier, healthier mealtimes within reach. My goal is for Smart Eating for Kids to be a place where parents can find helpful, positive, actionable advice that can have an immediate and lasting impact on their family’s lives.

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My Philosophy on Successful Mealtimes

When I think of successful family mealtimes, I think of achieving a sense of balance: lots of feel-good wholesome foods, constant variety and simplicity, and really listening to, respecting and loving my kids.

  • A kid-empowered approach

    A kid-empowered approach helps to limit nagging, whining and power struggles, while also setting kids up for lifelong success. Empowering our kids at mealtime means giving them lots of exposures and opportunities to healthy foods, demonstrating healthy habits ourselves, setting clear boundaries and expectations, and ultimately respecting our kids’ choices to eat or not eat the foods we serve. We owe it to our kids to give them the opportunities and self-dependent skills to have a healthy, happy relationship with good food.

  • Keeping things simple

    In my experience, the most successful mealtimes are often the simplest ones. Most parents that I know don’t have the time or energy to cook elaborate family meals every day. When they do, they feel like another important activity suffers. And as a mom, I know how frustrating it can feel when I invest a lot of time making a meal, only to be greeted with complaints and whines about what I’ve made. Rather than aim for perfection or beyond the scope of our reality, I believe that simple changes, small efforts and easy recipes can collectively add up to have a major impact on the health and well-being of our families.

  • Love the foods that will love you back

    This means eating mostly real foods that have come from the ground. It also means choosing foods that will make everyone feel good physically and mentally. Not only in the moment, but 30-, 60-, 90-min after the meal is over, and even into the future. As parents, this is part of our job. Sure, a food (think: candy, fried foods) may make kids happy now, but how will they feel and act later?

Get to know me

My Background

First and foremost I’m a mom to two kids (ages 4 and 7). They make me busy, stressed out, and make me love and laugh like I never have before.

I’m also a lucky wife to a kind, caring, generous Midwestern man who is often my guinea pig with new vegetable recipes. If he likes it, anyone will.

I’m a licensed and registered dietitian nutritionist. I have a Masters Degree in Public Health, specializing in human nutrition and behavioral change theories, from the University of Michigan. I completed my clinical dietetic internship at the University of Michigan Health Systems. I continue to educate myself in the field of motivational change and I’m increasingly interested in integrative nutrition.

Professionally, I spent the early years of my career consulting with food brands and commodity groups to develop public health campaigns that promote the health benefits of everything from apples to oranges (literally). I’ve also worked with key players in the restaurant industry to limit their food marketing to children. I continue to consult for select food companies that are making a positive difference and that share my philosophy on successful mealtimes and healthy eating.

Now, on Smart Eating for Kids, I’m happy to bring together my personal passions and previous work and educational experience to help families with the mealtime challenges that so many of us face. I hope that the information and resources I offer here will put happier, healthier mealtimes within reach for your family.

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