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Thanks for your interest in 21 Picky Eating Hacks, my popular freebie for busy parents.

As a mom, I know how frustrating mealtimes can be. But, as a child nutritionist, I know that simple, strategic shifts can be extremely effective at improving the way kids eat.

The ideas in the book are some of my favorite ways to empower my own kids to eat well without pressure or stress. I hope you’ll find several tips that work for your family, too.

Happier, healthier mealtimes are within reach!


You'll Learn How To:

  • Reframe Your Approach

    Simple changes to refresh your parenting strategy at mealtimes.

  • Take the Pressure Off

    Low-stress learning opportunities that can happen away from the table.

  • Serve Up Smarter Snacks

    Smart snacking strategies that help better fuel your child between meals.

  • Increase Food Appeal

    How to master the art of marketing your meals.

  • Nudge Healthy Choices

    Ways to involve and empower your child to make healthy eating choices.

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I’ve created this free guide just for you. It includes my very best picky eating tips to help your child learn to love new foods. Enjoy!

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Here are some of my personal favorite tips (including one that literally had my kids fighting over fruit!)...

Picky Eating Tip: Have a crunch contest


Picky Eating Tip: Use Dip!


Picky Eating Tip: Put a sticker on it

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  • This book is awesome. Seriously, I want to try every single hack and will start tomorrow. The content is pure gold.

    Bindu H., Psychologist and mom to three