With mother’s day around the corner, I thought I would share a few simple gift ideas that would make just about any mom happy. Sure, what most of us want is a full day (or week!) at the spa, and if you can pull that off, my hat is off to you!

But for the rest of us, these <$50 gifts are a pretty great way to show how much you care about that special woman in your life.

A Simple Glow

As moms, our bodies take a beating and self-care often falls last on our list. Give the mom in your life a bit of her glow back with this organic Sea Polish by French Girl. It smells great, leaves the skin feeling super soft, and has been touted as a favorite by the lovely Emma Watson. Retails at $38.

French girl sea polish

A Simple Cookbook

I’m obviously biased, but I think EVERY mom should have a copy of Mom’s Sugar Solution. It helps to makes mealtime easier, healthier and happier. What mom doesn’t want that? List price: $18.99.

Mom’s Sugar Solution


A Simple Bracelet

Love her or hate her, Kristen Cavalarri (of The Hills fame) makes motherhood look good. Her new line of jewelry, Uncommon James, is simple, chic and affordable, just like this pretty, little Devon bracelet. Retails at $39.

Devon bracelet by uncommon james

A Simple Om

Yoga brings peace and sanity to a busy mom’s life. Why not treat your favorite mom to a hot yoga towel and a gift card to a local studio? This Shandali GOSWEAT Hot Yoga Towel is super soft and comes in multiple colors. Retails at $19.99.

Shandali GOSWEAT Hot Yoga Towel


A Simple Bouquet

These Farm to Table Bouqs are cut the day you order and shipped from one of The Bouqs Co. farm partners, so they last longer than your typical bouquet. All of The Bouqs Co. farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they cut only what they sell – so they don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others. Bouquets start at $40.

Infinity Bouquet by The Bouqs Co


A Simple Clutch

Most moms are constantly transitioning their things from the diaper bag to their their “night out” back. Make it easy for her to keep track of her essentials with a simple clutch, like this blush-beauty by Madewell. Retails at

The Leather Pouch Clutch in Vachetta by Madewell

A Simple Eye Mask

Is there a mom out there who couldn’t use a good night’s sleep? Help her get a restful night’s sleep with a pretty, silk eye mask. Retails at $45.


A Simple Air Plant

Let’s be real. Mom’s have enough to take care of without trying to keep plants alive, too. That’s why this West Elm air plant, which comes with a funky little planter, is the perfect gift. Trust me, it’s by far, the lowest maintenance thing that the mom in your life will need to worry about. Retails at $20.

West elm the sill planter with air plant

A Simple Cutting Board

Perfect for a wine and cheese kind of night (every mom’s favorite), this West Elm cutting board is simple and chic. Retails at $39.


west elm wood and marble cutting board

A Simple Frame

Displaying kids’ artwork, while attempting to streamline clutter, is a challenge nearly every mom faces. These simple frames allow you to proudly display your child’s latest artwork, then simply swap it out when the next masterpiece comes along.

lil davinci store and display art cabinet


What’s on your wish list? Add your favorite things to the comments so we can keep the list growing! Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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