The average child in the United States eats 80 grams of added sugar every day. This high amount of sugar is 3 times the recommended maximum and contributes a shocking 320 calories to kids’ diets on a daily basis. Whoa.

Tip 1 – Ditch the Drinks

To see immediate improvement in kids’ sugar intake, ditch the sugary drinks. Sugar-sweetened beverages, like colas, sports drinks, and fruit punch provide about half the sugar kids consume.

Replace these drinks with fruit-infused water, whole milk, fresh smoothies, and herbal teas, such as this homemade Ruby Red Soda made with hibiscus tea.

Photo by James Stefuik. Copyright Adams Media

Tip 2 – Establish Treat Rules

When it comes to treats, which are the other leading source of sugar in kids’ diets, it’s important to establish firm, consistent treat rules so that children know what is acceptable.

If they ask for more, beyond what you’ve said is acceptable, the answer is “no, but I can put that treat on-hold for you to eat tomorrow.” Putting a treat ‘on-hold’ works like magic to prevent too much fuss and whining.

Photo by James Stefuik. Copyright Adams Media

Tip 3 – Keep Treat Portion Sizes In-Check

Portion sizes for desserts is key. An appropriate-sized dessert should be about the size of your thumb, not your whole hand.

Mom’s Sugar Solution features more than a dozen desserts, which use less sugar and smaller portion sizes, so that kids and parents can still enjoy a treat on a regular basis without feeling deprived.

Photo by James Stefuik. Copyright Adams Media

Tip 4 – Fill Up On Fresh, Natural Foods

Slashing sugar isn’t just about what not to eat, but also about what to eat. When we fill up on loads of fruits and vegetables, our bodies feel satisfied and we don’t get those intense sugar cravings.

Mom’s Sugar Solution recipes use lots of culinary tricks to make vegetables more appealing to kids. For example, bitter and boring broccoli becomes an instant kid-favorite by roasting it, then drizzling it with lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.

Tip 5 – Be a Sugar Coach, Not a Sugar Cop

Finally, when it comes to parenting vibes, it’s important to act more like a sugar coach with your child, rather a sugar cop.Kids are going to have the opportunity to eat sweets for the rest of their lives. It’s important to coach them on how to responsibly monitor and manage their sugar habits now, so that they don’t struggle with sweets as adults.

How Do YOU Tame Your Little Sugar Monster?

Now, tell me….how big of an issue is sugar in your home? What tips and strategies do you have for keeping sugar in-check?

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