I knew we had struck gold when Jack (age 8), opened our first Wise Apple delivery, turned to Caitlin (age 6), and said “Caitlin!!! This lunch is perfect for you!!!”

Woohoo! Our first WiseApple delivery is here! Packed in all recyclable materials, of course. 🙂

{Um, excuse me, aren’t all these beautiful lunches that I painstakingly make for you everyday also perfect???}

Bruised ego aside…

Something miraculous happened.

Before I even knew what was happening, both kids started whipping Wise Apple food pods out of the fridge and packing their own lunches. With excitement.

They have NEVER packed their own lunches before (despite me mentally forming a plan for the past year on how I was going to try to make them do it). So, the fact that they decided to so without any prompting or encouragement is honestly a Wise Apple miracle.

My 1st grader packing her Wise Apple lunch in her PlanetBox lunchbox.

What Exactly Is Wise Apple?

Wise Apple is a meal service that delivers wholesome packed lunches, straight to your door. You and your kids can gather around the computer and choose from a variety of balanced meals, each of which includes a main, fruit, veggie, and sweet treat, inspired by kid favorite recipes.

A popular Wise Apple combo featuring mac n’ cheese, carrots with ranch, dried apricots and a mini tart

What Are Some of the Options?

All the options are made fresh. While the packaging makes them look like Lunchables, they have no preservatives, and are generally much more healthy. Even their brownies sneak in some veggies.

The first two weeks of lunches we got from Wise Apple included mains like mac ‘n cheese, turkey and cheese slices, pesto pizza, turkey meatballs, chicken tacos, chicken dippers, chicken chow mein, and sunbutter and jelly sandwiches.

The sides were similar to things I usually pack in the kids lunches: carrots with ranch, cherry tomatoes, sliced apples with SunButter, grapes and blueberries. I have to confess, I really enjoyed not having to do any of the prep work.

No surprise, my kids were most excited about the dessert options. While Wise Apple seems to regularly rotate many dessert options, some of the options we had in our first two weeks of meals included things like yogurt covered pretzels, mini chocolate chip cookies, a veggie brownie and a mini nut butter/jelly tart.

While Wise Apple makes meal pairing suggestions, everything is totally customizable. I totally appreciate this since my kids, like all kids everywhere, have strong opinions.

Packing Our Lunches

Even though Wise Apple lunches are packed in individual food pods – which would pack perfectly in an insulated lunch bag – my kids still like “packing” their own lunches (i.e. transferring everything to their PlanetBoxes).

We did supplement the foods from our Wise Apple delivery with a few other favorites that we regularly have on hand (i.e. sliced bell pepper, pre-washed raspberries, whole wheat pretzel rolls). The Wise Apple meals are balanced, so there’s really no need to supplement anything, but what can I say? My kids are creatures of habit.

When both your daughter and your dog are drooling…

An Unexpected Perk: Healthier Snacks

One of my favorite things about Wise Apple is each meal component is essentially in its own vacuum sealed pod, which makes it super simple to grab a healthy snack when we’re running out the door.

My kids are normally famished when I pick them up from school – and since packing an after-school snack isn’t my favorite thing to do – I love being able to toss them a pod of carrots or apples.

Because we’ve been supplementing our lunches with some other foods, we have enough extra food pods to use an after-school snacks.

Some Considerations

  • Serving Sizes: The serving sizes are perfect for young kids, but some have been a bit small for my elementary-aged kids. It hasn’t been a big deal for us, though, since we’ve supplemented the lunches and/or eaten some of the items as snacks.
  • Packaging: The packaging is a challenge for all meal delivery systems, but everything from the box to the ice packs to the plastic pods are recyclable, which helps to ease my green conscious.
  • Freshness: In full disclosure, I received complimentary Wise Apple meals about a year ago (when they were called Eat Pak’d). At that time, I decided not to write about it because I was disappointed in the lack of freshness.  That said, they’ve updated their packaging since then and I’ve been very happy with how long the meals now fresh in my fridge – up to a week.
  • Cost: At $6.50 – $7 per meal, Wise Apple sadly won’t fit everyone’s budget. But when you consider the time-savings, lack of food waste, and comparable cost of other meals, it’s not a bad deal either.

The Verdict

I have to admit, I went into my trial not wanting to like Wise Apple. After all, packing lunches is sort of my thing and I didn’t think I would see any value in it. But, after seeing my kids’ excitement – and how it made them enjoy packing their own lunches – I became a fan.

And when I missed the order deadline between my free trial and my first order, I actually really looked forward to get our next delivery and increased my order size to 8 lunches a week. We’ll see how it goes after a few more weeks of subscribing, but for now, consider me sold.


Disclosure: I received five free Wise Apple lunches as a trial, but my opinions are my own.

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