A few weeks ago, I posted my first Reader Survey asking you to tell me about your experiences feeding your kids. I heard from nearly 100 people and have benefited enormously from your input. Thank you to all of those who took the time to help me out!

Ultimately, I hope it will also benefit you because it’s helping me to improve the content I create. Here are 5 insights I gathered from everyone’s input. Can you relate?

1. Feeding Kids is Frustrating

One thing is crystal clear. Trying to get your kids to eat healthfully can be tough. A whopping 91 percent of moms told me they sometimes feel frustrated by feeding their kids. The dinner table is a battlefield.

I’m not surprised. I have very frustrating moments feeding my kids, too. (Like this morning, when my four-year-old threw a fit because she couldn’t eat a lollipop at 7:00 am.)

Quite honestly, I’m more surprised that 9 percent of moms said that they DON’T get frustrated. If you are one of these moms, please share your zen-tips in the comments 🙂

While we all want to feel less frustrated, there is a silver lining. We are frustrated because we care deeply about the health of our children. And we want to see things improve.

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2. You Want Your Child to Eat More Variety

In the survey, I shared a long list of mealtime challenges and asked you to pick the ones you struggle with most.

The number one challenge I heard was:

My child only eats a few foods. S/he will never branch out to try something different than a few favorites.

This is a VERY common problem.

This matters to you for a lot of reasons. You want to be sure your child gets enough nutrients now, is more accepting of the meals you make and grows up to have a positive relationship with food.

3. The Whole Mealtime Experience Matters

The number two challenge you have is that your child can be uncooperative at mealtime.

You shared a bunch of examples of what “uncooperative” looks like, including when your kiddo refuses to sit at the table, throws massive mealtime meltdowns or even throws food.

While nearly all of us sometimes feel frazzled and frustrated by our kids’ behavior – and by the entire mealtime experience — pretty much everyone agrees that mealtime matters.

I was stuck by the sheer number of you who expressed that mealtime is a core family value for you. You see the value in working toward making it a more positive, relaxing experience for everyone in your family.

4. There Are Never Enough Hours in the Day

Another big challenge you have is that you don’t have enough time to make meals. You are a super-busy-super-mom and need mealtime solutions and simple recipes that you get on the table in a jiffy.

Simply put, feeding your family well is super important to you, but you have a lot of other important priorities too. Simplicity and efficiency are essential to your sanity.

5. You are Motivated for Your Child and for Yourself

Many of you said your biggest motivator for improving how your child eats is that their health – both now and in the future – is extremely important to you.

Many of you also said that you it matters because you are trying to reduce your own stress.

And some of you are motivated by your challenges. You told me that you’ve been struggling with bad eating habits your whole life and you continue to struggle with them. You know these habits can be hard to break, so you want to start your child off on a better path.

Changes Ahead…

I got tons of great ideas from reviewing all your comments. I’m already working away on several of them. I think you are going to like the changes I have planned for the rest of 2015 and into 2016!

I’m most excited about an online class that I will be offering soon. I have given a version of the class many times in person and I’ve been working hard to turn it into something that everyone can benefit from online. Stay tuned!

To be notified when these new resources launch, be sure to sign up for my email list. Thank you!


Questions: Do these insights sum up your feelings about mealtime? Have any other challenges or frustrations? Share your thoughts in the Comments or on Facebook.

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